One Nation Under Dog

One Nation Under Dog is an HBO documentary that explores (American) people’s complicated relationship with dogs. It’s broken down into three parts: Fear, Loss, Betrayal. Fear studies a New Jersey family that fights to keep its dog that continues to bite and terrorize citiens of their town. Loss is about how folks deal with the death of their dogs and is explored primarily through a San Francisco support group. And Betrayal explores animal shelters, people who devote their lives to rescuing dogs from shelters, puppy mills, and reveals that over a million—a million!—dogs are put to death each year. And “put to death” is a kind euphemism that’s put to the lie when we see dogs being gassed to death. Particularly gruesome sequence in the show (you’re warned in advance).

If you love dogs, it’s an important show to see. After seeing this show, you’re sure to get your next dog from a shelter.

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