Yet another (completely avoidable) dead dog story

Was at dinner with wife and some folks from out of town. Talk at one point turned to dogs and the woman beside me told me that her brother’s dog had died and he was feeling guilty about it. Initially I thought, “no, you shouldn’t feel guilty about your dog’s death,” but then she told me the story. Her brother had left the dog on a glassed-in porch and then gone out with his family and thought they would be back soon and then they were gone all day and when they came home they discovered the dog had died.

Sunny day. Glass enclosure. Apparently there were dog paw marks all over the glass wall. They baked their dog to death. No wonder he feels guilty. The reality is, they murdered their dog. How callous can you be? And how stupid? Not to realize that a glass enclosure heats up from the sun’s rays. And the dog doesn’t have the ability to sweat. Why do people not get that dogs cannot regulate their body’s temperature the way humans can. Imagine locking someone in a sauna where the temperature just keeps rising. See what they would do. And I think of that poor dog. It doesn’t know what is happening, just that it’s becoming increasingly heated up and uncomfortable and wondering why its owners have abandoned it and then finally just expiring from heat stroke or whatever happens. Just imagine its confusion and fear and pain. Heartbreaking. And completely avoidable. There will come a time when this will be considered negligent homicide. Because that’s exactly what it is.

The thought of this incident just makes me so upset. That poor animal. And those people. Really. Apparently they’ve gotten a new dog. One only hopes that they care for it better than the last one. How can people be so careless?

And then you wonder how many times this goes on each day. Every day during the summer there are stories about people leaving dogs in locked cars. “But I cracked the window,” they say. Here again, complete stupidity. Even with a window cracked, the interior of a car heats up like an oven on a sunny day.